Mark Stikovic

Hi Amit,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that out of curiousity in working with you on our projects I wanted to learn more about iSoft and the team. This lead me to read a number of articles about yourself where I learned of your story and your achievements.

I am astounded at your story, your dedication and your generosity.

You are an incredibly humble and inspiring person.

Your story and achievement inspired me to continue on my learning journey to bridge skills gaps. I learned that success is a series of small steps to overcome one obstacle at a time, doing whatever you can at the time with the skills and resources you have available to you to overcome them.

Because of this I've recently started intro courses to Business Analytics on Udemy. After this I'll aim to complete a certification.

I'm aiming to provide more valued input and stronger series of project processes to help us achieve our goals.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with you and your team.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Mark Stikovic

Southern Cross Protection, System and Database Coordinator