Uday Singh

20th January 2021 “As Group CEO of SIS Group Enterprise, one of the most critical decisions I ever had to undertake was immediately post acquisition of the then called “Chubb Guarding Services” in Australia. The year was 2008 and the business revenue size was approximately 275 Mn AUD.

The business had serious issues related to costing, invoicing, debtors etc. resulting in declining revenue and poor margins besides piling up of outstandings. The root cause was poor ERP system, IT infrastructure and IT systems not being in alignment with business. This had to be corrected immediately. The outsourced Sydney based consultants and support from a major IT Company in India lacked commitment, expertise and timely resolution.

I requested you (then running an India based software company in Delhi) to migrate to Sydney with 4 to 5 resources, work round the clock and deliver results within 30 days.

You did all that and since then you have been a valued business partner of MSS Security (renamed from Chubb Security) which has now grown to become the largest security service company in Australia of approximately 600 Mn annual revenue. You have not only managed services since then but also developed several Apps, integrated them, migrated successfully to newer & more robust operating and application systems. What has been achieved in MSS Security would not have been possible without commitment, dedication, knowledge and understanding the business requirements by you and your team.

I recommended your services to SXP mobile patrol services and I hear that you have delivered similar results there as well. I am immensely happy that you have set up an IT Company in Australia, adopted Australia as your home country and have expanded to a large team of capable resources.”

Uday Singh

Director SIS Group Enterprise