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With over two decades of experience and a rich history of over 1,000 successful projects, we specialize in providing bespoke software solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives. Our services encompass a wide range of software needs, from enterprise applications to mobile app development, all designed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Enterprise Application Services

We specialise in integrating and supporting various critical software systems including CRM, ERP, and HR Management. Our expertise extends to optimising finance, accounting, and field service management through sophisticated software solutions. The aim is to streamline your operations, improve interdepartmental collaboration, and enhance overall efficiency.​

Cloud Applications

Embrace the power of the cloud with our Cloud Application Services. We offer expert guidance and support for cloud application migrations, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud-based operations. Our team also specializes in cloud-native application support and development, providing scalable and flexible solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

AI & Machine Learning

Step into the future with our AI & Machine Learning services. Using platforms like Microsoft Azure AI Studio, we deliver advanced generative, predictive, and conversational AI models, elevating your business intelligence and operational capabilities to new heights.​

Custom Software Development

Tailor your software to your unique business needs with our Custom Software Development services. Our team excels in front-end and back-end development, database management, containerisation, orchestration, and modern app development methodologies. We create bespoke software that is not just functional but also intuitively aligned with your business processes and goals.

Mobile App Development

Our Mobile App Development services cater to the growing need for functional, user-friendly mobile applications. From Android and iOS app development to hybrid and cross-platform solutions, we ensure your mobile presence is strong, effective, and aligned with your customer's needs. Our comprehensive service includes ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your mobile apps remain competitive and relevant.

Software Support & Services

Our Software Support and Managed Services ensure your business software systems operate smoothly and efficiently. We offer comprehensive project and program management, application technical support, regular software maintenance, and thorough software testing services. This ensures not only the longevity and reliability of your software but also its alignment with your evolving business needs.

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Why choose iSOFT?

Proven track record

With over 20 years of serving clients and delivering over 1000 projects, we are more than just a technology company. We’re a team driven by the desire to make a positive impact in the community and the world. 

The core of who we are

Our core values of integrity, transparency, passion, and happiness guide us in delivering exceptional experiences and outcomes. With our diverse team and global presence, we provide not just technological solutions but also contribute to society, offering free tertiary education to underprivileged children and fostering careers in financial services and technology companies.

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Tailored for your business

We don’t just have one simple solution to fit everyone. Our focus is on crafting solutions that suit you, delivering them when you need them and doing what is necessary to ensure our working relationship is strong. 

We use our assets efficiently to innovate and provide cost-effective solutions that make a significant difference for our clients. With our wide technical expertise, we’re not just a service provider; we’re your long-term partner.

Partner with iSOFT and experience the fusion of technology and innovation in your business software solutions. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services and outcomes has made us a trusted partner in the tech world. 

Let us guide you through the intricate landscape of business software and applications, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital era.


Meet our leadership team

Amit Das

Group CEO

Mohit Jain

Group Executive Vice President

Geetanjali Kohli

Head of Product Analysis

Glenn Eades

Head of Project Delivery

Abhinav Ranjan

Head of Microsoft Delivery

George Cleanthous

Head of Digital Marketing

Ajay Bharti

Functional Head of Workforce Management

Michael Stikovic

Technical Head of Workforce Management

Devendra Kakkar

Head of Managed Services

Himadri Banerjee

Chief Global Product Officer

Sonali Borgaonkar

Head of Delivery - India

Saibal Guha

Head of Business Development

Shreyansh Sinha​

Practice Lead - Microsoft Services

Saurabh Tiwari

Technical Lead - Microsoft Services

Ravi Ranjan

Head of Projects Delivery

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