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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats, iSOFT stands as your trusted partner in technology and cybersecurity. We are not just service providers; we’re innovators and protectors. We put business first and lead by example, using the best available technology to foster positive change and secure your digital world.

Penetration Testing & Security Assessments

Discover and resolve IT vulnerabilities with iSOFT's Penetration Testing and Security Assessments. Our expert team uses advanced tools and techniques to thoroughly examine your IT infrastructure, applications, and systems. We conduct both external and internal tests, extending to cloud, mobile, and wireless networks. Additionally, we assess social engineering and physical security risks to reinforce your cyber defenses comprehensively.

Security Governance, Risk & Compliance

Align your organisation with key standards through iSOFT's GRC services. We assess compliance readiness, develop security controls, and provide staff training. Our comprehensive approach includes gap analyses, supplier security assessments, and crafting robust security policies and procedures based on global standards such as ISO31000 and GDPR.

Security Strategy & Advisory

Strengthen your cybersecurity framework with iSOFT’s Security Strategy & Advisory services. We tailor cybersecurity strategies to your needs, conducting in-depth health checks and offering executive cyber briefings. Our ongoing support helps you adapt to changing threats, ensuring your security posture remains strong and responsive.

Cloud Security Services

Safeguard your cloud infrastructure with iSOFT's Cloud Security Services. We specialize in CSA assessments, compliance audits, and developing security strategies for all cloud models. Our approach includes managing identity access, data security, and threat detection, providing continuous cloud security monitoring.

Security Architecture & Solution Design

Fortify your cybersecurity foundations with iSOFT's Security Architecture and Solution Design. Our services focus on integrating security into your systems from the start, including conducting risk assessments, setting secure standards, and reviewing security architecture and code for vulnerabilities.

Managed Security Services

Protect your organization proactively with iSOFT’s Managed Security Services. We handle everything from vulnerability management and identity management to real-time security event analysis. Our incident response and managed firewall services ensure you’re prepared and protected against emerging cyber threats.

Why choose iSOFT?

Proven track record

With over two decades of experience in technology and cybersecurity, iSOFT has a history of delivering effective solutions. Our expertise extends across different sectors, ensuring that our solutions are not just effective but also relevant to your industry.

The core of who we are

At iSOFT, we are driven by integrity, transparency, passion, and happiness. We believe in creating positive impacts both in the community and the digital realm. Our mission revolves around valuing relationships with our clients and partners by delivering exceptional solutions and outcomes.

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Our unique approach​

iSOFT’s unique onshore, nearshore, and offshore presence, coupled with our Research & Innovation Campus, allows us to offer tailored solutions. We believe in an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships to bring the best outcomes for our clients, contributing to society through various initiatives.

Tailored for your business

Our solutions cater to a wide range of clients:

  • SMEs: Cost-effective, robust solutions tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Enterprises: Domain-specific solutions for the unique needs of large corporations.
  • Government: Collaborative, scalable, and secure IT solutions for government departments.


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