Our Healthcare experience

At iSOFT, we specialise in equipping healthcare providers with comprehensive solutions and services to effectively navigate through the complex landscape of Aged care and Disability services. Our approach encompasses proactive planning, efficient service delivery, and robust management strategies tailored to each unique scenario. With a focus on collaboration and preparedness, we offer a suite of solutions and services including:

Aged Care and Disability Services

We offer modern digital tools to reduce administrative burdens and improve the productivity of care workers. Our solutions include dynamic scheduling, real-time updates, and mobile capabilities, all designed to attract and retain skilled workers in the aged care and disability sectors. We also deliver tailored training programs to enhance the capabilities of government officials, emergency responders, and community stakeholders, covering digital tool utilisation, crisis communication strategies, and workforce management techniques.

Our healthcare solutions eliminate siloed data and connect fragmented processes, enabling a focus on key business pillars: customer management, workforce management, care delivery, and funding management. We leverage platforms like Microsoft to provide secure, compliant environments that support personalised care and improved operational outcomes. Additionally, we provide self-service capabilities through Microsoft Portals, allowing clients to submit enquiries, engage in live chat, manage bookings, and view funding and care plan information.

AI-Enabled Disease Screening

We collaborate with health organisations to leverage AI in screening and detecting diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and tuberculosis. Our AI solutions validate image quality, flag potential signs of disease, and assist healthcare providers in making faster, more accurate diagnoses. This use of AI not only improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery but also significantly impacts social and health outcomes, particularly in regions with limited medical resources.

These solutions include capabilities for real-time updates, offline functionality, GPS integration, and service delivery validation. These features ensure that services are delivered efficiently and accurately, enhancing the quality of care provided. We streamline billing processes with automated service-to-invoice capabilities, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing, and automate travel expense claiming, reducing administrative overheads and ensuring compliance with funding sources.

Data & Digital Transformation

We offer powerful reporting and analytics through Power BI, providing valuable insights and detailed analytics across various data sources. Our solutions enable organisations to leverage data for advanced reporting, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. Our solutions ensure a single source of truth for client information, encompassing support plans, schedules, medical records, and more, which is critical for managing service quality and supporting clients effectively. 

We also assist organisations in transitioning from paper-based systems and ad-hoc digital tools to fully integrated, user-friendly digital systems. Our expertise includes implementing connected digital approaches that enhance efficiency, improve service delivery, and ensure compliance with industry standards. We provide end-to-end support, from assessing current digital maturity to implementing advanced digital solutions, ensuring seamless execution of digital transformation initiatives. 

At iSOFT, we are committed to empowering communities and organisations to effectively prepare for, respond to, and manage the challenges of aged care, disability and health services. With our experience in the healthcare industry, we provide comprehensive support to our clients and their customers and patients. Our goal is to contribute to the safeguarding of lives, minimise disruption, and build resilience in the face of adversity.

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