Alarm response & security patrol solutions

Our Security & Patrolling experience

At iSOFT, we specialise in developing and supporting advanced technology solutions for the security industry, including alarm response and security patrol services. Our expertise in creating bespoke applications helps our partners enhance their operations, improve efficiency, and ensure reliable service delivery.

Tailored Application Development


Our solutions support a wide range of business needs, including client management, employee management, roster management, contractor management, invoice management, rate interpretation, and operations dashboards. These tools ensure that businesses can manage their operations effectively and efficiently. By providing a single platform, our solutions offer comprehensive visibility across the entire business, enabling cohesive and streamlined operations. This integrated approach ensures that all aspects of the business are interconnected, enhancing overall productivity and decision-making capabilities.

Workforce Management

Our workforce management solutions are designed to help businesses configure, manage, and record security patrol activities with precision. Built on robust platforms like .Net and SQL databases, our applications integrate with financial and operational systems to provide real-time data and insights. Key features include the management of keys, NFC tags, welfare and duress systems, and integration with alarm monitoring applications.

Additionally, our solutions include comprehensive subcontractor management capabilities, allowing businesses to efficiently manage subcontractor resources. This includes the assignment of subcontractor resources to particular jobs, tracking their performance, and ensuring compliance with operational standards. These tools help businesses optimise their resources and ensure that all aspects of security operations, including subcontractor activities, are tracked and managed efficiently.

Mobile & Field Operations


Our mobile applications are tailored to support the dynamic needs of security personnel in the field. The intuitive and user-friendly interfaces help field staff meet service delivery requirements and complete checklists efficiently. Our mobile solutions provide real-time support, alerts, and notifications, enabling field staff to respond quickly and accurately to incidents and operational needs. These tools ensure that security operations are streamlined, enhancing the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of the workforce.

Additionally, our solutions include multimedia and training support to assist staff who are remote or working at customer locations after hours. These features facilitate effective communication with remote workers, ensuring they have access to necessary resources and support. We also incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) to assist remote workers in their security checks and operations, providing them with immersive, real-time guidance and information. This cutting-edge technology enhances the training and operational capabilities of field staff, ensuring they can perform their duties with greater accuracy and confidence.

We offer tailored software solutions that address the specific needs of the security and alarm patrolling industry. Our client-centric approach ensures that we deliver value through customised strategies and exceptional service, leveraging the latest technologies to enhance every aspect of our partners’ operations. By integrating advanced geospatial data, real-time analytics, and mobile capabilities, we help businesses improve their operational efficiency, resource management, and service delivery.

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