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In our agriculture sector, we proudly collaborate with a pioneering partner that offers a cutting-edge decision analytics platform revolutionizing the way we address agricultural challenges for state governments. Through advanced satellite remote sensing, machine learning, and big data analytics, we bring solutions that are tailored to help farmers to detect Soil Health, Soil Moisture, Irrigation Needs, Crop Calendar, and provide Pest & Disease forewarning, At the core of this innovation are scalable algorithms that harness a multitude of earth-observation satellite data, delivering insights at an unprecedented scale.

Our products and services are invaluable for governments, enabling them to assess Crop Stage Estimation, optimize sowing decisions, provide crop classification, Crop Area & Fallow land Mapping with unparalleled speed and accuracy. By leveraging our advanced AI/ML algorithm, we are dedicated to enhancing agricultural resilience, optimizing resource allocation, and fostering sustainable practices to drive the future of farming forward.

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