Our Geospatial experience

At iSOFT, our solutions are used to enhance the operations of construction companies, surveying companies, environmental services, and government organisations with cutting-edge geospatial technologies. Our expertise in developing advanced geographic information system (GIS) and geospatial mapping solutions ensures that our clients and partners benefit from precision, efficiency, and excellence in their projects.

Land & Aerial Surveying

We provide advanced software solutions to support land and aerial surveying services. Our technologies, including drone integration, 3D laser scanning, and robotic total stations, enable surveyors to acquire precise spatial data. These tools facilitate detailed mapping and analysis, essential for planning, design, and monitoring across various projects.

Our solutions ensure that site conditions are accurately documented, enabling our partners to make informed decisions and execute projects with confidence. The capabilities of our software support various surveying activities, such as geodetic control, topographical surveys, mapping and production of geographical maps, and specialised project surveys.

Civil Construction & Earthworks

We collaborate with earthworks and construction firms to create advanced geospatial software solutions. Our tools use detailed geospatial data for accurate site assessments, planning, and design, ensuring that constructions are not only structurally sound but also optimised for their environments. This technology helps our partners foresee potential issues and address them proactively.

For infrastructure development, such as roads and utilities, our geospatial technologies enable thorough site analyses and detailed project modelling. This ensures that infrastructure solutions are well-integrated into the surrounding environment and meet all regulatory requirements. Our software enhances the durability and functionality of the infrastructure developed by our partners.

Engineering & Project Management

We support design and engineering teams with geospatial data solutions that help create innovative plans tailored to each project's unique requirements. By integrating geospatial information into their design systems, our partners can produce more accurate and efficient engineering plans, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall project outcomes.

Our geospatial analytics software enhances project management processes by providing real-time data and insights into project progress. This allows project managers to make informed decisions quickly, ensuring that projects stay on schedule and within budget. Our technology helps monitor site conditions and manage resources effectively.

At iSOFT, we offer tailored geospatial solutions that address the specific needs of each project. Our client-centric approach ensures that we deliver value through customised strategies and exceptional service, leveraging the latest geospatial technologies to enhance every aspect of our partners’ work. By integrating advanced geospatial data, real-time analytics, and mobile capabilities, we help businesses improve their operational efficiency, resource management, and service delivery.

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